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    Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes. ~Carl Jung

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Calling all Single Moms…
You Are a Great Mother,
but You’re Getting Close to “Losing It”…


You’re Still Holding On to the Drama from Your Past Relationship,

Feeling Frumpy and Frazzled and You Want to Start Your New Life…

I’ll Show You How to Make Peace with the Past,

Get Clear on Your Future, and Feel Vibrant, Confident and Powerful!


Hello Courageous Momma!

Looks like you’re having ANOTHER ONE of THOSE nights. I know how it feels. I’ve been there, many times.

You get lost in the TV, or perhaps the internet. Searching, stuffing, hiding. You think this will make you feel good, but it’s not really helping.

You get lost in other people’s worlds, hoping yours will melt away, even if it is for only one hour…drowning yourself in someone else’s dream, victories, sadness, breakups, happiness. And then you switch off the TV, the net. Yep, your life is still there. It didn’t melt away.

You think to yourself…It’ll get better right? My kid will start listening. My “knight in shining armor” will just ride in on his beautiful horse. I’ll get that promotion. I’ll lose those pesky ten pounds. Sigh.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Still holding on to emotions and guilt from your past relationship
  • Angry that your child’s father isn’t around and that you have to do it by yourself
  • Feeling unloved, unloveable, isolated and alone
  • Crave for more time with yourself, loving yourself
  • Looking to feel a deeper sense of self-worth and purpose
  • Ready to commit to a life of Love and Courage with or without a man

Hi, My name is Kat and I am here to help YOU, a frustrated, yet devoted and loving single mom, to create a courageous and vibrant life that reflects those burning desires that have been hiding inside of you.

I’m a single mom of a frisky, independent, challenging, clingy, loving, opinionated and amazing little boy. Not only have I been a single mom for the last two years, but I have also been on the deepest journey of my life so far.

Having my son definitely changed my life. However, losing my family unit when his father left turned me into something I never thought I’d become.

I became this angry, resentful, hurt (as well as hurtful) blob of a mess. I was raising my son exactly how I didn’t want to…exactly how I had judged others for.

Almost simultaneously, I also became this woman who reached out into the community and searched for support. I read books, took classes, joined groups. I knew that that I couldn’t get through this alone.

I started becoming someone I was proud of: A woman defining herself, her goals, her spirituality, her present, her future. Within this journey, I have found my passion and calling to help other moms like me. Awesome, dedicated moms who need a little support, reminders, new tools and reframing on what they already know works.

It’s been a beautiful, bumpy journey so far and I have acquired many tools and experience I’d like to share with you. I am passionate about helping other moms not feel alone and desperate. It takes a community not only to raise a child, but to also support the mother who’s doing the day-to-day.

What would it be like if you could:

  • Create peace with your EX FILES and let go of the hate, anger and disappointment.
  • Feel sexier and more powerful, radiating from that fire within.
  • Laugh, smile and play more with your children
  • Create a powerful and joyful present and gain clarity on your future.

Something has got to change. And you know exactly what it is. That DIVINE, VIBRANT GODDESS ENERGY that lives deep down inside of you has been talking to you. At first it was a gentle knocking, but now it seems the voice is getting louder. You know what you need to do…you know the answer is YOU!

You’re ready. Yes, you ARE ready.



I’ll show you how with my unique S.O.A.R. system.

I will show you how to:

• Lose the victim mentality for good!

• Reclaim your power and Fall in love with yourself!

• Love the life you have NOW and infuse it with PURPOSE!

• AND implement changes now and see your life and passions ignite!

Take that first step to a happier, healthier, more powerful existence…into the life that is already there…waiting for you to show up and allow your inner fire to be ignited!

You’re not alone. I’m here and I know exactly what it takes to get you out of that sluggish, fear-filled rut and have you light your life on fire…empowering now only you, but your children as well.

I know you’re ready…so let’s do this! I’m ready to rock your world and light your inner fire and goddess!



You are a remarkable woman; totally positive and uplifting.  At our first visioning board meeting, I was a little skeptical that something as simple as a visioning board would help me with my 30 year struggle to lose weight.  Boy was I wrong!  Every morning I wake up to my vision board and it rids me of any limiting beliefs that were keeping from what I desired most – a healthy me.  Your guidance has helped me lose nearly 30 lbs!  Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the inspiration you have given me.  I am overjoyed, more confident, and have a greater self-worth.  I can’t wait for our next vision board meeting! ~Irene, San Jose, CA

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